Presenting: The Would-Be Homeowners Resource

sarahresource3 is currently under construction,therefore changes to layout and content will be happening. BUT! There is still awesome stuff here, so bear with me, and you will be rewarded. Although not financially. If you read the blog (which you definitely should) you will know I have no money. I’m talking about friendship and gratitude type rewards. You may also discover that home ownership is not as impossible as you thought it was. So I guess maybe there IS a financial reward. Just not from my own pocket.



Amazing Links to resources you didn’t even know existed (and some you did). For everybody who dreams of buying a home but believes they can’t do it. Fiddlesticks. That’s just not true.


sarahnewsEncouraging News about buying property in New Zealand! You thought it was all bad news but it’s not, I promise – there is good news out there and I’m gathering it for you.




sarahhouse (320x220)The Blog That Started It All (with pictures).  I wanted a home of my own. I haven’t got one yet. But I will. That’s me in the red skirt. See that determined walk?


Keep watching, because there will be more to come! Polls, music, laughter, guest posts…and many many other things! If you have a home ownership related idea you would like to see covered, tell me about it – I would love to feature your story of going after your dreams.