The Beginning.

A while ago I sent my landlords a photo of the living room, thinking they would appreciate knowing their house was being loved. I was right. They appreciated it so much that they decided to move back in.


I started thinking about renting, and house affordability, and availability, and ageing, and a little bit of panic crept in. I mentally fast-forwarded 30 years, and imagined my retirement. It didn’t look good.


Half-remembered news articles with miserable titles like ‘Generation Rent’, and ‘Home Ownership Impossible’ began to fester in my mind. I looked at all my little garden plants, and the decorating I have done, and I was sad.

Fortunately, that didn’t last. I have decided that not only am I going to own my own home, I am also going to generate an income from it. I will determine not just where I live, but how. I don’t care what the newspapers say. I’m going to realise my goal, and I’m beginning now.

happy idea

Watch this space.

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