Building Castles In The Air

I started this blog in a moment of inspiration. In the magical way that such things can happen, a bit of bad news, a chat with an old friend, and some months of contemplation  coalesced. Something sparked. I would provide a home and income for myself with an accommodation business. Other ideas followed. Too many other ideas. I became dangerously excited. My imagination, always fevered, began to run away with me.


Creative energy is so amazing. It comes out of nowhere; out of the ether. But if clear action doesn’t follow, it will lay waste to all my other energy and then evaporate, leaving behind exhaustion and self-doubt. So I have decided to  choose just one possible route to my goal at a time, and research that. Then I’ll start on the next idea, and so on and on.

The most readily available option for me right now is to build. My mother has a little piece of land, and I am very fortunate that she is keen for us to collaborate and build a little something. This is where I am going to start.


I’m on my way!

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