The Most Unlikely House Site

I have been reflecting on the viability of visitor accommodation on Mums section. It’s not impossible, but it does present some challenges. 


There are three ways to get there.

1.The Hidden Stairs. If you can find them, the easiest way is via a flight of two hundred stairs. At the bottom, turn left and walk another kilometre further down. sarahstairs

2.The Zig-Zag Track. A viciously steep path. Shuffling is the only recommended gait. Bold strides will cause guests to overbalance and grind down the concrete on their faces. At the bottom, turn right and walk another kilometre further up.


3.By Sea. Traverse a perilous reef separating this bay from the next. The only time I’ve seen it done was the memorable occasion my brother-in-law spent six hours rowing his camping equipment to the car. He’s a professional sailor.


It is lovely once you’re there; tucked in a warm clearing in the bush. No cars driving by, birdsong all around, fresh sweet air. Until nature calls.


No septic system can be installed, as there is no way to empty it.sarahtoilet (440x268) (440x242)

Water delivery is equally impossible. If I run out, I have limited options. sarahwater

Emergencies pose problems too. What if a dehydrated guest collapses after his gruelling journey?



And how would I carry his luggage back up the hill?sarahmush

To make this work, I will have to think outside the box. I’m also wondering who my target visitor market might be. They will have to be in top physical condition. Perhaps I will have a better idea after talking with the local council planner next week.

Wish me luck!

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