Song of the Week: (For the) Holidays

Thinking about the holidays, and that I wish everybody could be warm, safe, and loved. This is a beautiful song. I thought it was just right. 

“For the Holidays” by Shelley Fraley. Lyrics are written on the page.


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The Planner and the Pauper

I have been trying to make the phrase ‘conversation with the local council planner’ sound interesting. It can’t be done. Nevertheless, regardless of what it sounds like, it was great.  He explained that above all things, I would require a resource consent to build on Mums land. Until recently, I had only the vaguest idea of what a resource consent actually was.


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Song of the Week: (Looking For) Freedom

The first ever upstairsdownstairs song of the week!

I love this song. I love the tempo, the singers voices; all of it. I want freedom, too. They tell me I’m free.  But I don’t feel free. Am I alone? I don’t think so. 

“Freedom”  : Anthony Hamilton from Django Unchained
(with Elayna Boynton). 
Here are the Lyrics.



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Are You Scared of the Council Too?

I started the adventure today! It’s a baby step, but I called Auckland Council. The first route to home ownership that I am researching is the possibility of building on my mothers land. Having selected an option, I was writhing with eagerness to get cracking, but unfortunately I was instantly stuck. How do you research if you don’t know what or whom to ask? I didn’t even know how big the section was.


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Building Castles In The Air

I started this blog in a moment of inspiration. In the magical way that such things can happen, a bit of bad news, a chat with an old friend, and some months of contemplation  coalesced. Something sparked. I would provide a home and income for myself with an accommodation business. Other ideas followed. Too many other ideas. I became dangerously excited. My imagination, always fevered, began to run away with me.


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