cropped-sarahheart.jpgThis page is for You. It is the links to all the sites I have found useful. If in doubt, pick a government site. They have free-calling telephone numbers, so you can ask a real person.. Additionally you can contact me through the form at the bottom of this page. There is a way to get your own house. Don’t stop dreaming!


Helpful Places

Google (New Zealand) Because Google is awesome. Start here. 

Land Information New Zealand Exactly what it sounds like.

Auckland City Council Ignore the haters. There’s a wealth of information here.

Dwell Housing Trust  Shared home ownership scheme. Not weirdos, cool site. 

Budget Advice Services  Go here. If you have never been, go. Go go go. Talk about money with someone who doesn’t want you to invest, or change to their bank. 

Housing New Zealand  Assistance with home loans for low income earners.

Housing Foundation NZ Another amazing scheme I had never heard of.

Fun Stuff: Just Because

Hyperbole and a Half  Hilarious. The amazing Allie Brosh, the creator of the ‘All the things’ meme, and one of my many heroines. 

The Oatmeal God I love this site. Favourite line “It is the harbinger of blood-soaked rainbows”. 

PBF Comics A new discovery. Brilliant. Very few words – they’re not required.

David Thorne No drawings, just pure unadulterated awesomeness. 

The Bloggess Whip-smart, honest, beautiful and creative site. I want to be more like Jenny Lawson.